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Floridom's Family Law Software products are listed below. Click on the product link to see detail. Now is the time to make your office and staff more productive with our software solutions.

Divorce Power Analyzer

Provides a full, automated analysis of your client's position including financial affidavits, taxes, child support review and flow chart, earned income credit worksheet, alimony evaluation and much more.

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Parenting Plan & Time Sharing Schedule Generator

A fully automated Parenting Plan and Time Sharing schedule for divorce, paternity or dependency cases.

Contempt/Arrears Analyzer

This software tool quickly and accurately calculates and presents the amount of arrears for child support, alimony and other court ordered payments.

  Domestic Violence Document Generator

Easily and automatically prepare the Domestic Violence Petition or Repeat Violence Petition in your office on the court approved form and expedite your filing.